Thursday 21 April 2011

Kirby's Super Star Ultra

The happiest game title ever? :D 

sorry for another playfire post, the next one will be new.. just haven't decided what to write about yet..

Kirby Super Star Ultra!!
Posted: Feb. 9, 2011, 11:36 a.m.
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A remake of one of my favourite games!! 

The original SNES version was my favourite game, until another snes game, Illusion of Time, took its place.. (but thats for another time) 

so, i've been after the DS remake for ages! but, as with most kirby games it was very hard to find. well, I've got it now! :D and it was worth the wait!

The main addition to this game in the Kirby series is the ability to make a "Helper" this is an aditional player which takes the form of whichever ability you had at the time, a second player can join in at any time and take over from the computer.  

The main game is more or less the same as the snes one, so if you've played that, you know what to expect. Spring breeze, Dynablade, Great Cave Offensive, Gourmet Race, Revenge of Metaknight, Milky Way Wishes and the rest are all there and as good as ever.

As well as all these classic SNES kirby adventures, theres some original games made just for the DS as well, First is a sort of remake of Spring Breese, called Revenge of the King. with some extra stages and harder enemies and slightly different level layout.

Then theres METAKNIGHTMARE ULTRA, which is split into different levels, and each level is several areas from the main advantures, although, for this mode, you get to play through them as Metakinight!! along with all his special moves, which are activated by pressing buttons on the touch screen.

Another game called Helper to Hero, which is the Arena mode, but you choose one of the helper characters to play as, which makes it quite hard because they only have limited move sets!
The new Helper to Hero mode brings a new challenge to the game.

Also new to the DS version are 3 touch screen mini games, the best of these is called Snack Tracks, you have to watch as a converyer belt moves down the scren and tap on bombs and insects, which kirby eats all the food on it. it gets very fast and fun! other new mini games are a card game called kirbyCardSwipe, and Kirby on the Draw. which is like a light gun shooting game.

if you've already played the snes one, skip this bit, if not heres a quick description of each game mode:

Spring breeze:
This is basically a stripped down version of the original Kirby's Dreamland for the Gameboy. its the easiest of all the games on the collection and has no kind of gimmic to go with it, its classic kirby gameplay.

This game has a map screen so you get some control of where you want to go next, there also hidden levels which are made avaliable by finding a hidden switch somewhere in one of the levels. the aim of this game is to defeat the giant bird, Dynablade.

Great Cave Offensive:
This is by far the longest of the games, its a giant treasure hunt, which sees you and a helper exploring caves, castles and other areas to find hidden treasure chests. its very fun if you like exploring.

Revenge of metaknight:
This one has more of a story than the others, with brand new CG cut scenes and characters talking on the bottom screen while you play. its also fairly short but has some good boss fights and great music! 

Milky Way Wishes:
This one gets rid of kirby's ability to eat enemies and turn into them, instead you ahve to find the abilities hidded around the worlds, once you've found one you can use it at any time you want by selecting it on the touch screen. this game finished in an awesome boss fight which turns the game into a side scrolling shooter! 

Gourmet Race:
This is a race against King DEDEDE to eat as much food as possible and finish the race first! 

This is a boss rush mode where you have to fight ALL the bosses in the game, you get to choose any ability you want, but you only have limited health supplies.

its an awesome game and the best kirby game by far!!

Nicktendowii out. Till next time! :D

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